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It is finally possible to make incredible amounts of money using autoblogs, as long as you forget everything you ever knew about them and listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you. It doesn't matter if you can write or not, it doesn't matter whether you have any kind of creativity, I am going to show you a cast-iron method that you can implement fast and cheap, that will enable you to make big profits from autoblogs. How is this possible? Because of what autoblogs essentially are. Because of their nature. And thus, because of what they're actually GOOD FOR. Is it blackhat? No, as I explain later on.

What are my qualifications for telling you all this? As a sideline to my main online businesses, I've made more money from autoblogs than most people earn in a lifetime, and it's still rolling in. And I don't do it by typing, either. Why am I revealing this? I'll tell you when we get to the end. What I will say now isĀ  - don't settle for a lousy 6 figures!

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Autoblogging Myths

Lets start by dispelling a few widely held (and commonly promoted!) autoblogging myths.

Build it and they will come.

The days when a basic competence in English and a blog were enough to draw big traffic (and thus big profits) are unfortunately long gone. The web is now so freakin enormous that your little diatribe isn't even going to get noticed, let alone become popular. It makes no difference if you are an undiscovered Hemingway, or some kind of online Dan Brown - the chances of your blog becoming popular (and making you serious money) just because you write a bit are ZERO. No offence - 'quality will out' is simply not true nowadays, because of the sheer difficulty in getting heard above all the 'noise' that clutters the web. If you don't believe this, have a little think. You probably personally know of many excellent blogs that are gradually dying off because the authors get no traffic and hence lose interest. I'm probably one of the best writers you will ever know (as another sideline, I'm a published author, and my work has even been translated onto TV), and I wouldn't waste my time trying to hand-write a blog. Accept this point, and we can move on.

You can 'force' your blog to become popular all by yourself.

No you can't. You can spend every waking minute of the day spamming forums, begging for backlinks and seeding social bookmarking sites and it won't help. You are competing with people who do make money from blogs (or more accurately autoblogs), and they do it using AUTOMATION. Remember that word, it's important.

Blogs are expensive.

While I no longer advocate the use of free blogging sites, it is EMINENTLY possible to create and host large numbers of blogs on different IP addresses for chump change. A full-on basic autoblog can be had for as little as $5 a YEAR, if you do it right.

Search engines have 'gone off' blogs.

This is rubbish - as a quick scan of any search engine for competitive terms will show you.

Right, before we move onto making money with autoblogs let's look at 'standard' blogs.

How most people use blogs

Most people create a blog on a topic that interests them, or perhaps is alleged to have high-paying advertisers in that niche. They write a few posts, slap adsense on the blog, try a few affiliate offers, and wait. Nothing happens. They buy a few ebooks purporting to explain how to make your blog a success. They follow the advice in these ebooks. Nothing happens. They go onto forums, and try to promote their blogs. They use twitter et al to try and get backlinks to increase the blogs popularity. Nothing happens. They waste thousands of dollars on useless software (like 'senuke', for example) that promises massive traffic and delivers nothing but Google slaps. They get bloody-minded and keep posting. Nothing happens. They give up, and the blog becomes a 'zombie' blog. A blog of the living dead. Probably 90% of all blogs are dead (i.e. have had no posts for 3 months or more).

Having got that out of the way, let's look at some of the general 'perceived wisdom' about blogs. You'll have heard or read advice like the following many times. In fact, some 'gurus' parcel this stuff up and sell it to you for $50. If you've ever bought one of these 'blogging to the beach' books, you'll know what I mean. I mention it here for completeness, you should probably already know this stuff, and understand what a crock it is.

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